'Enhance your Light ~ Enhance your Life' ™ created by sue zange

The 'Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life’ Programme™ is offered to you in a series of short sessions (2 – 2.5 hours).  Courses are available from Certified Teachers and may be provided weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The full Programme incorporates the learning of 12 Key Elements which build interconnecting ‘spheres of light’ in higher dimensional space.

The 'spheres of light' are designed to open up higher potential and higher intelligent awareness for every participant. Based on years of experience of teaching  people to visualise and meditate, Sue Zange has incorporated the very best of her techniques within this Programme.

Within each teaching session the teacher will offer theory, skills, and developmental insight, together with a guided visualisation or meditation as a practical exercise, and then follow-up support. These are sessions in which you can enjoy personal growth, comfortable practise of the skills, and an enviroment of support and sharing with others.

It is also possible for the basics of the training to be offered by Teachers through a one or two-day workshop, when just a few of the key elements and a concise presentation of the basic skills are available. If you prefer a short training course instead of regularly attending group sessions, please contact your teacher and ask when this may be available.

Effective Skills for Good Quality Visualisation:

This Programme offers you all the necessary skills for visualisation and meditation which are essential components to help you learn to ‘connect’, maintain the open and expansive ‘space’, and pursue a purposeful line of enquiry or intention in order to achieve a good quality overall experience.

Learning good basic skills will allow you to overcome the general concerns that people tend to have with achieving good quality meditation, including:

  • How to quieten your mind to move into a peaceful space
  • How to stop the over-busyness and achieve stillness for body and mind
  • How to open up that initial connection to higher intelligence
  • The fundamentals you need to remain connected without distraction
  • The way of a balanced connection, which moves you up, and then returns you well
  • How to progress and develop your own intuitive skills for personal development

Good and effective basic skills will offer you a much richer understanding of the purpose of:

  • The difference between visualisation and meditation and how to make good use of both
  • How an understanding of 'ground energies' promotes good, balanced practise
  • The key to raising your vibration so that you can connect to 'higher expansive space'
  • Why the positioning of time can affect your experience
  • Why it is essential to open the heart energy, and raise your vibration.

The Programme will support your natural evolution and growth in understanding and working with these basic techniques. But, from the very first session, you will start building your own 'Spheres of Light'...

The Spheres of Light:

This learning Programme offers you a method which is highly effective. It constructs spheres of consciousness in higher dimensional space, in which you can manage, change, improve, transform and better, every aspect of your life.

The initial 3 Primary Spheres offer you a unique construct by which you can manage all the fundamentals of daily living.  These are the Spheres which support life management skills, and they are designed around the three major elements of your life – your presence in the manifest world, connection to other people (relationships), and your health and well-being.

The 3 Primary Spheres are the central elements from which all other spheres are developed and constructed. They will offer you a way to take care of issues that may be troubling you in life, or anything you would like to change and improve.

With the methods of this Programme, you only need to develop good skills to build and enter the first Primary Sphere, in order to be able to manage and progress with the whole Programme. Such a well-positioned technique and concept will ensure you gain the optimum experience of high quality visualisation or meditation. This technique has been taught by Sue Zange to hundreds of students over many years, and has proved to be highly successful.

The 3 Primary Spheres are the ones you should use regularly to manage aspects of your daily life, and particularly, difficulties that need insight or resolution.

So, once you are confident with the building process, you can then venture into creating the next 3 Spheres – those that offer an opportunity to enhance your growth, wisdom and awareness – the Expansive Spheres.

The 3 Expansive Spheres will offer you an opportunity to explore your own intelligence, your higher consciousness, higher purpose and the scope of what is available in expansive awareness. The Expansive Spheres facilitate a leap from dealing with the practical issues of life, to becoming more empowered in knowledge, creative expression and manifesting successful outcomes.

The Expansive Spheres deal with three major aspects to creative and intelligent living – Learning, Inspiration and Manifesting. At this stage you will be encouraged to maintain good notes and records of your visualisations in these Spheres, because they will carry forward through time and continue to serve your needs in the future.

The three Expansive Spheres are the ones that offer you potential to know your own greatness and to create to a higher potential in the manifest world.

By now you will have six defined 'Spheres of Light' which can help you focus, transform and direct multiple aspects of your daily life. You can heal, discover, re-energise, be inspired, learn, and create.

Once you have learned and progressed your skills of visualisation, the Programme will gently move you into a deeper and more spiritual experience - a peaceful form of meditation by way of guiding you into 'the light'.

Developing your Peace, Spirit and Soul Journey:

By this stage you will have become more aware of the spiritual aspects of your life, and how to connect in spiritual essence to the higher levels of understanding life.

The Programme will now offer you the opportunity to move into a state of greater ‘spiritual communion’. The next 6 Key Elements give you an understanding of 'Higher Realms' and 'Sacred Journeys' which will open up the potential for you to engage with spirit, with light, and to enjoy the expansion of your own journey into universal presence.

By this stage you will have learned how to ‘hold’ a higher dimensional space, and apply good useful skills within that.  And you can do that consistently, by using the methods of the Programme.

You are learning to concentrate, to gain clarity, and of course, become more calm and centred within the process.  All of this will be enhancing your life, it will be making subtle changes to your thinking, your behaviour and your own empowerment.    

The remaining Elements of the Programme will share with you universal knowledge and access to higher realms of light. Through this connection, you can develop the Sacred Life Quests that will help you to discover more of your life purpose and your true destiny.

This is your opportunity to move into the fine-ness and grace of higher light, whilst understanding that it can offer you resources of higher understanding and wisdom that can enrich your life. Realms are places of communion, where multiple resonances of light and energy come together to serve a particular purpose. This is your opportunity to pursue a soul connection to a higher source of light…. to pursue your own journey to wholeness.

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